The second BOSARIS workshop (2012) started - 14 people arrived!

We proudly announce that the second season of BOSARIS - the Brno Speaker Recognition Workshop - has recently started. (BOSARIS 2010 information page is here.)

The workshop is held at the Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic. It lasts from October 29 until November 26, 2012.

The following people arrived to jointly work on the topic of robust speaker recognition:

Patrick Kenny CRIM, Canada senior researcher
Themos Stafylakis CRIM, Canada Ph.D. student
Jahangir Alam CRIM, Canada Ph.D. student
Niko Brummer Agnitio, Spain senior researcher
Albert du Preez Swart Agnitio, Spain researcher
Carlos Vaquero Agnitio, Spain post-doc researcher
Jesús Villalba University of Zaragoza, Spain post-doc researcher
David Martínez University of Zaragoza, Spain Ph.D. student
Mireia Diez Sánchez University of the Basque Country, Spain Ph.D. student
Najim Dehak MIT, USA senior researcher
Stephen Shum MIT, USA student
Daniel García-Romero JHU, USA post-doc researcher
Yun Lei SRI International, USA post-doc researcher
Tomi Kinnunen University of Eastern Finland senior researcher
Lukas Burget BUT, Czech Republic senior researcher
Ondrej Glembek BUT, Czech Republic PhD student
Pavel Matejka BUT, Czech Republic senior researcher
Sandro Cumani BUT, Czech Republic post-doc researcher