Rath from IIT Madras joining BUT Speech@FIT with South-Moravian Region funding

From January 2011, Shakti P. Rath from IIT Madras has joined our group for 2 years. IITs are the leading educational and research institutions in the area of IT in India. Shakti comes from the speech recognition group led by Prof. S Umesh – one of the most successful Indian speech labs.

Shakti’s research project deals with automatic speech recognition. It builds on his experience with speaker normalization in speech recognition and on the experience of the BUT Speech@FIT group with acoustic modeling and discriminative training in speech recognition. It proposes an investigation of discriminative training of speaker normalized models allowing for building more accurate speech recognition systems that are more adapted to the target user. Particular attention will be devoted to the application of discriminatively trained speaker adaptations in recently proposed sub-space acoustic modeling of speech.

Shakti’s stay was made possible by SoMoPro program co-funded by the EC (Marie Curie actions) and the South-Moravian region. In its regional innovation strategy, the region has declared full support to the research and development. This has led to the creation of institutions such as South-Moravian Innovation Center (JIC) and South Moravian Center for International Mobility (JCMM). JCMM runs the SoMoPro program supporting attracting excellent foreign researchers to the region and also allowing for re-integration of excellent Czech nationals. JCMM also hosts Euraxess, a unit helping incoming scientists with practical matters, such as visa, work permits, taxes, etc.

On February 17, 2011, a SoMoPro day was organized in the premises of the South Moravian regional authority. The South Moravian governor, Mr. Michal Hasek, a representative of the EC, Mr. Martin Lange (DG Education and Culture), and regional political and academic leaders were present. Shakti was selected as one of three SoMoPro-supported researchers to present his project and its context.

Press coverage of SoMoPro and Shakti’s project: