Representatives of India’s National Technical Research Organization at BUT

A two-year „mission“ of Shakti P. Rath (IIT Madras) in the BUT Speech Processing Group, which started in January this year, unlocks the opportunities of closer cooperation with respected research entities of India.

After a short visit of Mr. D. P. Srivastava, the Ambassador of India and his First Secretary, Mr. Mahinder K. Khurana at the Faculty of Information Technology, in March this year, another important meeting happened on the university ground.

On Tuesday June 21, 2011, Mr. M.K. Khurana introduced the BUT speech processing researchers to the delegates of the National Technical Research Organization (NTRO). This Organization is a scientific organization under the National Security Advisor in the Prime Minister’s Office of India. It acts as a super-feeder agency for providing technical intelligence to other agencies on internal and external security.

The Indian specialists were interested in the speaker, language and gender recognition research that is being done at BUT laboratories, as well as in the application technologies, which are offered by BUT’s spin-off company – Phonexia. A new research result of BUT Speech @FIT research group, a web portal, which was introduced at an ICASSP Conference in Prague a month ago, was also presented to the NTRO delegates.