Speech@FIT research director Lukas Burget leading speaker recognition group at JHU 2008 summer workshop

Johns Hopkins University (JHU) summer workshops organized by the Center for Language and Speech Processing are prestigious events gathering the best researchers of world's speech and language community. The workgroups work for 6 weeks in Baltimore, MD, USA. See http://www.clsp.jhu.edu/workshops/.

In 2008, Lukas Burget (BUT Speech@FIT research director) headed work-group Robust Speaker Recognition Over Varying Channels. The research concentrated on utilizing the large amount of training data currently available to research community to derive the information, that can help discriminate among speakers and discard the information that can not. The world's best researchers in the speaker recognition field (for example Patrick Kenny from CRIM, Canada and Doug Reynolds from MIT) participated in the group. From BUT, Ondrej Glembek (Ph.D. student) and Valia Hubeika (Ms. student, now Ph.D.) were members of the group.

The results in 4 subgroups:

  • Diarization using Joint Factor Analysis
  • Factor Analysis Conditioning
  • SVM-JFA and fast scoring
  • Discriminative system optimization

significantly pushed forward the state of the art and are likely to drive the research and development in this area in years to come. For details, see the workshop web-page: http://www.clsp.jhu.edu/workshops/ws08/groups/rsrovc/.

Look also at the image gallery http://speech.fit.vutbr.cz/en/gallery/speech-fit-group/jhu-2008-workshop