Tutoriály na letní škole Euromasters in Speech and Language s podporou LDC

EMLS Summer School

European Masters in Language and Speech (EMLS) is a network of European Universities providing education in natural language processing and speech communication sciences. EMLS organizes regular summer schools which attract considerable interest of students from both NLP and speech processing domains.

For this year’s summer school in Utrecht (NL), members of Speech@FIT group, (Faculty of Information technology, Brno University of Technology, Czech republic), prepared two tutorials making use of LDC corpora:

  • during “Speech recognition based on Hidden Markov Models” given by Jan “Honza” Cernocky, students built a recognizer of connected digits using HTK tools. The recognizer is comparable to the Aurora-ETSI standard and on clean data, it has more than 99% word accuracy. TI-DIGITS database from LDC was used in this tutorial.
  • in “Phoneme posterior estimation and acoustic keyword-spotting”, given by Igor Szoke, students got acquainted with theory and practice of phoneme recognition and posterior estimation by neural network and with their use in acoustic keyword spotting. The tutorial was based on the one of LDC classics: TIMIT.

LDC supported these two tutorials with the data – while the use of TIDIGITS was limited to the EMLS, EMLS students were offered in kind copies of TIMIT including the documentation for home use.

More information:

EMLS homepage: http://www.cstr.ed.ac.uk/emasters/
Utrecht summer school page: http://tstmaster.let.uu.nl/EMaster-SS2006/
Speech@FIT home: http://www.fit.vutbr.cz/speech

Honza Cernocky, responsible of Speech@FIT group, Brno University of Technology, cernocky@fit.vutbr.cz

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