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Dr. Petr, Dr. Martin and speech@FIT day

Thursday 28.5.2009 was a remarkable day for the group: 2 PhD defenses and 2 seminars by interesting guys.

We have begun with the defense of Martin Karafiat's thesis "STUDY OF LINEAR TRANSFORMATIONS APPLIED TO TRAINING OF CROSS-DOMAIN ADAPTED LARGE VOCABULARY CONTINUOUS SPEECH RECOGNITION SYSTEMS". The reviews from Andreas Stolkcke (SRI, USA) and Petr Pollak (Milos Cernak, IBM Prague, Czech Republic) were positive, the defense went OK, so Martin is now a PhD.

We continued with the defense of Petr Schwarz: "PHONEME RECOGNITION BASED ON LONG TEMPORAL CONTEXT". He obtained a very good review from Pietro Laface (Politecnico di Torino) and critical but positive one from Mark Clements (Georgia Tech, USA), the defense went also OK, so Petr is now also a PhD !

After lunch, we had 2 seminars by our dear guests. Milos Cernak spoke about embedded speech recognition and Pietro Laface about language recognition wotk at PoliTo.

Congratulations to Petr and Martin and thanks our dear guests for being here !