Dr. Tomas

On October 2nd, Tomas Mikolov successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Statistical Language Models Based on Neural Networks". His work was supervised by Jan Cernocky.

Congratulations, Tomas!

Statistical language models are crucial part of many successful applications, such as automatic speech recognition and statistical machine translation (for example well-known Google Translate). Traditional techniques for estimating these models are based on Ngram counts. Despite known weaknesses of N-grams and huge efforts of research communities across many fields (speech recognition, machine translation, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, data compression, psychology etc.), N-grams remained basically the state-of-the-art. The goal of this thesis is to present various architectures of language models that are based on artificial neural networks. Although these models are computationally more expensive than N-gram models, with the presented techniques it is possible to apply them to state-of-the-art systems efficiently. Achieved reductions of word error rate of speech recognition systems are up to 20%, against state-of-the-art N-gram model. The presented recurrent neural network based model achieves the best published performance on well-known Penn Treebank setup.

Tomas PhD defense - photogallery