Phonexia Android Speaker ID App awarded at DevFest 2012 Prague

Phonexia Speaker ID App running on the mobile operating system Android was awarded at DevFest held on November 10 2012 in Prague. DevFest is an event supported by Google and in its "GugCamp" part, it allows companies and individuals to present innovative solutions based on Google technologies. Phonexia Speaker ID App is based on the theory and algorithms investigated in the BUT Speech@FIT group, the cooperation is supported by "Technologies of speech processing for efficient human-machine communication" project funded by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. The origins of Brno speaker recognition development for mobiles can be traced down to the EC-sponsored MOBIO project.

Summary of the application

Phonexia Speaker Identification was developed to allow for easy and fast search for speaker in an archive of voice-prints. At first, the user must create voice-prints, models of speakers’ voice. This voice-print is created from a record of speaker’s voice, it is stored in a directory of voice-prints and it can be used for search. Then the user selects a speech file that will be searched, and runs the processing. The output is a list of voice-prints sorted according to the speaker’s score. The records that contain the wanted speaker have higher scores.