Full telephone numbers of speech people are +420 5 4114 xxxx, where xxxx is the four-digit extension. All speech offices are located on the 2nd floor of the “L” building of the Faculty of Information Technology of BUT, see floor plan. To find your way to us, use the VGS-IT directions page.

Principal researchers email telephone office social
Jan “Honza” Černocký 1284 L221.2
Lukáš Burget 1269 L229
Hynek Heřmanský * 1431 L233

* Hynek Heřmanský is also the director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Language and Speech Processing (CLSP).

Faculty and researchers email telephone office social
Ondřej Glembek 1292 L226
Fratišek Grézl 1280 L207
Martin Karafiát 1279 L226
Vladimír Malenovský 1297 L230.1
Pavel Matějka 1283 L226
Petr Motlíček *
Oldřich Plchot 1425 L230.3
Johan Andreas Rohdin 1431 L233
Mireia Diez Sánchez 1289 L226
Petr Schwarz ** 1289 L226
Pavel Smrž *** 1282 L223
Igor Szöke **** 1280 L207
Karel Veselý 1300 L230.3
Hari Krishna Vydana 1291 L230.1
Hossein Zeinali 1273 L230.1

* Petr Motlíček also holds a research scientist position at IDIAP Research Institute.
** Petr Schwarz is also the CEO of Phonexia.
*** Pavel Smrž is also heading the Knowledge Technology Research Group at FIT BUT.
**** Igor Szöke is also the CEO of ReplayWell.

PhD students email telephone office social
Murali Karthick Baskar 1431 L233
Karel Beneš 1297 L230.1
Ekaterina Egorova 1274 L230.3
Santosh Kesiraju 1425 L230.3
Federico Nicolás Landini 1270
Ladislav Mošner 1271 L230.1
Ondřej Novotný 1300 L230.3
Lucas Ondel 1273 L230.1
Jan Pešán 1274 L230.3
Bhargav Pulugundla 1431 L233
Anna Silnova 1214 L222
Miroslav Skácel 1050 L207
František Skála * L230.1
Kateřina Žmolíková 1271 L230.1

* František “Fanouš” Skála is currently on extended leave to Tony Robinson’s Speechmatics

Visitors email telephone office social visiting from
Shuai Wang 1431 L233 SJTU Speech Lab
Sangeet Sagar 1214 L222 The LNM Institute of Information Technology
Support email telephone office social
Tomáš Kašpárek 1220 L127
Renata Kohlová 1278 L222
Sylva Otáhalová 1296 L212
Jana Slámová 1295 L212
Josef Žižka 1050 L207



Important Master theses

Past employees and long-term visitors